Friday, November 23, 2012

Questions I am Struggling with on Black Friday

I wanted to write something about Black Friday, but as I sit here and think, only questions come to mind. I am myself absorbed in the consumerism culture, not detached as I would hope I could be. Even through I won't shop today, I will shop other days and I will still continue to benefit from others' cheap labors.

As a person studying for living a life in ministry, often I feel the need to have the answers, to have it all figured out. But most of the time I stumble my way through, trusting on God to lead me. I am not divine, instead I am a human who makes errors every day, who is just trying to be faithful to a leading despite my shortcomings.

Sometimes I feel that all I have to offer others are the questions that I struggle with.

So...  Here are the questions I am struggling with today:

Why do I celebrate Jesus' birthday while bowing down to another god, Consumerism?

Why do I  benefit off of other people's cheap labor, when I wouldn't work for that same wage or under similar conditions?

Why do I find it easier to say my feelings through material gifts, instead of words?

How can I balance my desire for a stable life with my desire to stand in solidarity with others, who are abused by a system that favors cheap goods over their lives?

How can I live more deeply into these questions and not look for immediate, feel-good answers?

What questions are you struggling with today?

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