Monday, September 12, 2011

My First Post in Awhile

I have not blogged much lately. I have been busy with falling in love, moving several times, traveling, spending two months at Pendle Hill as the Assistant Coordinator of the Young Adult Leadership Development Program. Tomorrow I will move up to Princeton, NJ to start at Princeton Theological Seminary for a Masters of Arts in Youth Ministry.

Another reason I have not blogged much lately is that I have seen several blogs where the writers speak with a self-righteous tone, thinking that what s/he have to say is the ultimate over-arching truth. I have spent some time exploring how this makes me, the reader, feel.

I hope to strive with this blog to keep people updated on my life and have a place to share my thoughts on issues that I feel passionate about. I hope to share what I believe to be true, but I hope not to get ego-driven and blur the line between sharing my thoughts and speaking with an authoritative voice. If I do, I hope friends will keep me honest and humble.

Mostly I just want to keep people updated on my life as I enter a new phrase in life and have a place for some of my writings.

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  1. Have I been getting too self-righteous again? Wait a minute, I'd actually have to be blogging for that! Good to hear the update and to hope we'll be seeing some more blogging here.